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One year Worth of Highlights

In one year’s time here are just some of the highlights about what has happened with the program: - A fully operating workshop is humming with activity and employs 10 full time people and approximately 10 subcontractors on an as-needed basis - Over 1,000 Bio-Sand Water Filters have been manufactured to date - Over 600 Bio-Sand Water Filters have been installed in homes and/or schools in India - Mike and Cathy have made 26 presentations to various groups including Rotary clubs in the United States and India, Engineers Without Borders, a high school, a church, a retirement community, and an in-depth interview for a public access television show - A Rotary matching grant has been obtained by the Rotary clubs of Kolar India and Hamden Connecticut USA for the purchase a delivery vehicle and a cement mixer (the funds have arrived and we believe the equipment has been ordered!) - Three villages have been “adopted” by area Rotary clubs (see details about our adoption programs attached):

Chilapanahalli - North Haven Rotary Club

Nayakarahalli - Hamden Rotary Club

Thippenahalli - New London Rotary Club

The Adopt-A-Village programs have been wildly popular in India. Villagers are telling each other about the filters and the gala dedication celebrations receive much publicity from the press. As a result villages are contacting our program director and offering to pool their limited resources to purchase some filters if others are donated for those in their village that can not afford to purchase them. It is a variation that we will be developing guidelines for but we are excited to know that local people realize the benefits of the water filters and want them. - At least two organizations in Connecticut are known to be actively raising funds to try to “adopt” a village. Several other individuals and organizations have participated in the Adopt a Family and Adopt A Filter programs or made other generous contributions. Thank you!! - Two people from other non-profit organizations have visited the Kolar India workshop for hands-on training so they can start similar operations of their own in other areas of India.