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Stream of visitors to the workshop


There has been a stream of visitors to the workshop for a whole variety of reasons. On 1/5 Rotarian Keith Wescovich from the Rotary Club of Old Saybrook visited to explore the possibility of a future Rotary Matching Grant to provide bio-sand water filters to rural villages.

On 1/18 Rotarian Jonass Beheer from the Netherlands visited and may conduct a Rotary Matching Grant with a club in Bangalore to provide bio-sand water filters to schools in Rotary District 3120. On 1/30 Allan Remley from a Canadian NGO visited and on 2/16 Bob Horvath and his wife from the same organization are visiting. They hope to start a similar project in another part of India. Many local Rotarians have also visited the Kolar workshop and some Rotary Clubs in India have purchased water filters to donate to schools in their towns. It is all very exciting for us.