Adopt A Village

How Your Rotary Club Can Help!

Bio-Sand Filter Adoption Programs
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Your Rotary Club can change the life of an entire Indian village. Our unique Adopt-A-Village Partnership provides subsidized filters to change the health and lives of every man, woman and child in a rural village. For your contribution you and your Rotary Club can truly make a significant difference.


  • Up to 90 Bio-Sand Filters to neediest village families
  • Each family, or partner, must pay a small portion of the cost of each household filter. The sponsor pays all other costs of the program.
  • Community steward trained to operate and maintain village filters for one year
  • Educational program to teach village children water sanitation (this includes a bar of soap for each school child)


  • Provide up to 1,350 people with clean water per day for 25-30 years
  • Sponsor name on every donated filter
  • Plaque in village with sponsor name inscribed
  • Sponsors’s name on a plaque in the Kolar workshop
  • Photograph of villagers with certificate of appreciation
  • Ongoing updates of program activities


  • Varies for each village depending on number of subsidized filters purchased by villagers; average cost is $3,000
For Information Contact: Cathy Forsberg, e-mail, Tel 203-626-5576