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How Rotary Clubs Can Help!

How Can Rotary Clubs Help Solve This Drinking Water Crisis?


  • Up to 90 Bio-Sand Filters to neediest village families
  • Each family, or partner, must pay a small portion of the cost of each household filter. The sponsor pays all other costs of the program.
  • Community steward trained to operate and maintain village filters for one year
  • Educational program to teach village children water sanitation (this includes a bar of soap for each school child)


  • Provide up to 1,350 people with clean water per day for 25-30 years
  • Your club’s name on every donated filter.
  • Plaque in village with sponsor name inscribed
  • Your club name on Wall of Honor plaque in Kolar Workshop.
  • Photograph of villagers with certificate of appreciation
  • Receive on-going updates of program activities.


  • Varies for each village depending on number of subsidized filters purchased by villagers; average cost is $3,000.

International Service Goals

Implement your club’s International Service goals by putting your dollars to work now. Join other Rotary Clubs who have worked with us recently. To download PDF of SAPWII Adopt-A-Village Partnership program (one page), click here.

If an Adopt-A-Village Partnership is too large a project for your Rotary Club at this time, partner with other clubs and together you can Adopt-A-Village. For clubs in search of partners, contact

Direct Contributions

Many Rotarians prefer to make direct contributions now, while their Rotary Club authorizes large projects and coordinates with a local Rotary Club in India. SAPWII has various ways you can help directly.

  • Adopt-A-Family ($55): donate one Bio-Sand Filter to a needy family.
  • Fill-A-Need: Earmark any donation for a specific program need, such as:
    • Water Testing Equipment
    • Uniforms for workshop staff
    • Copper tubing (today’s purchase avoids future price increases)
    • Three filter molds to make 6,000 filters
    • For current "Wish List" needs or contact

Rotary Foundation Grants

Matching Grants from The Rotary Foundation are a powerful way to leverage club and/or district funds to substantially expand the size of a project. Matching Grants support broad-based international humanitarian projects with the aim of providing sustainable development, such as SAPWII’s water filter project.

All grants require participation of two Rotary Clubs -- your club and a Rotary Club in India where the water filter project is located. SAPWII's established presence in Kolar, India, and our cooperative working relationships with Indian Rotary Clubs in the area enables SAPWII to facilitate contact between your club and in-country Rotarians.

From experience SAPWII can provide valuable guidance with the application requirements of a Rotary Foundation Matching Grant. For more eligibility requirements on these grants, contact or your district Matching Grant Committee representative or visit Rotary International’s website here.

South Asia Pure Water Initiative, Inc., is not a project of Rotary International. Individual Rotary Clubs and Districts support SAPWII projects. The Rotary Foundation supports projects of Rotary Clubs and Districts.