Volunteerism or volunteer services have been part of virtually every civilization and society. Defined in broad terms it is the contribution made by individuals in terms of quality time, specialized skills, fiscal support, etc. This entails varied shades and actions ranging from well-being of the neighbours, the community or the society at large.

South Asia Pure Water Initiative, Inc. (SAPWII) can offer a broad range of volunteer experiences.

We can arrange site visits to various production facilities in India for a “hands on” filter making experience. This experience can include the donation and installation of filters to a school or family in the area.

Visits to villages that have been using BioSand water filters give a unique and rare experience to the adventurous traveler. There you can see first-hand how clean water can dramatically affect the lives and well-being of some of the poorest people in India.

Fund-raising and grant writing are other ways individuals can participate as volunteers with SAPWII. We are constantly seeking support for our training seminars, filter production and distribution as well as site visits to support our trained organizations with technological and business development support.

For those who are familiar with BioSand water filter technology, speaking and PowerPoint presentations to interested civic groups, churches and temples and schools is a great experience for the volunteer as well as the audience. Presentations are a valuable way to spread the word about the clean water crisis in the world and how the BioSand water filter can be a solution to millions of people in developing communities around the world.

There are countless ways to volunteer, limited only by our imaginations and our will to make positive changes in the world!